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Torcedor Coffees
All coffee is shipped whole bean for the freshest taste possible.
We roast our coffees twice a month, therefore processing time for your order may take up to 2 weeks.

Order before November 22, 2018 to meet our next coffee roasting deadline!

Remedio Cubano

  Our Cuban coffee remedy. A dark roasted, rich, bold blend with a full body and spicy complexity. Strong black and really opens up with cream/sweetener. For the real dark coffee lovers.

Our Price: $14.90 / 1 pound bag

Cabinet Blend

  Our private blend. Bright, flavorful and aromatic this blend is perfect anytime of day in any company. Medium acidity and a nice finish compliment this roast. Experiment with different grinds and the Cabinet Blend will show many personalities.

Our Price: $14.90 / 1 pound bag


  Very surprising. This single origin roast is pleasantly rich, medium bodied with a mild acidity and nice length. An excellent balance of fruitiness and a bolder chocolate character. Wonderful alone or as an addition to other blends and beans.

Our Price: $14.90 / 1 pound bag

Kenyan AA

  Full bodied, bold, intense taste. Kenyan is consistent and pleasing with a complex smokey, nutty character and a longer than average finish. Roasted dark and oily to bring out the true personality of this coffee.

Our Price: $18.90 / 1 pound bag

Guatemalan Antigua

  Well balanced, bright and smooth with a touch of fruit, Guatemalan delivers a fuller body coffee with an easy smooth finish. Delicious as a solo grind or to add character to a blend. This roast is rich without being a bully.

Our Price: $14.90 / 1 pound bag

Tanzanian Peaberry

  Medium bodied. Bright, lively flavor. This little-known gem from Africa comes from peaberries grown near Mt. Kilimanjaro where the unique climate produces beans with a distinctive flavor and aroma.

Our Price: $14.90 / 1 pound bag

Sumatra Mandheling

  This Indonesian favorite has a smooth yet full-bodied texture / mouth feel with low acidity, and an intense finish. Sumatra has an exotic, earthy rich flavor profile. Very satisfying!

Our Price: $18.90 / 1 pound bag

Costa Rican

  Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee is one the finest of Central America. It comes from the rich volcanic soils of the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The flavor has hints of cocoa and grapefruit, and a woody, dark chocolate aroma.

Our Price: $14.90 / 1 pound bag

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  Intense sweet flavors and aromas, along with a medium to light body make Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee a real treat. It is spicy and fragrant, often with a chocolate or nutty quality. Look for hints of citrus or tangerine too. Many use Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for iced coffee for that reason.

Our Price: $16.90 / 1 pound bag

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