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  Welcome to the Torcedor Coffee Cigar Pairing Page! If you're like me, you enjoy fine cigars as much as you enjoy a great cup of coffee. You probably enjoy the two together. I know I do. A great cup of coffee is, in my not so humble opinion, the perfect compliment to a fine handmade cigar. It's my favorite cigar pairing, hands down.

  Being a lover of the leaf and bean, the possible cigar / coffee combinations are nearly endless, but discovering that perfect pairing is a real treat.

  So help a brother out! Submit your cigar and Torcedor Coffee pairings along with a description of the experience so others like us can take your discovery for a spin too.

  Thank you for enjoying Torcedor Coffee!

A few good pairings...
Torcedor Coffee Kenyan AA paired with Trinidad 100th Aniversary
  - Recommended by Vince O. from Freedom, PA

  A match made in heaven! Both are full bodied and the cigar's creaminess really came through.

Torcedor Coffee Kenyan AA paired with El Rico Habano Rico Club
  - Recommended by Craig V. from Downingtown, PA

  I enjoyed this coffee with an Reo Robusto the other night, but tonight I wanted to see if the ERH Rico Club went better. I chose this cigar because it had an oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper which reminded me of the dark oily Kenyan AA beans. I drink my coffee black, as nature intended. Both the cigar and the coffee had a bitter spiciness which I enjoyed. It turned out to be a very nice pairing.

Torcedor Coffee Remedio Cubano paired with Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro
  - Recommended by Ted from Las Vegas, NV

  Nice paring because the cigar is really creamy and complex with a touch of sweetness from the maduro while the strength of the coffee balanced it and cleansed and refreshed the palate while keeping up with the cigar.

Torcedor Coffee Nicaraguan paired with Rocky Patel Decade
  - Recommended by Moose from New Wilmington, PA

  The richness and the touch of chocolate in the Nicaraguan coffee complemented the creamy, smoky and flavorful RP Decade. Neither overpowered the other... On their own, they're both great, but enjoying them together made it one very delicious hour.

Torcedor Coffee Nicaraguan paired with Turano Exodus 1959
  - Recommended by Moose from New Wilmington, PA

  Separately, I've had this cigar and coffee numorous times... and I had a feeling they would pair well. The richness, a bit of a kick and some chocolate tones in the... well both the cigar and coffee. See what I mean - kinda like the two were made for each other. Or as Vince would say "a match made in Heaven."

Torcedor Coffee Guatemalan paired with La Gloria Cubana
  - Recommended by Moose from New Wilmington

  Grabbed a cup of Guatemalanan and sparked up this tasty maduro about 2 hours before kickoff for Superbowl XLIII. I like maduros and this one is no exception -- to me this cigar was a nice smooth smoke with a tasty little kick. The coffee has its own richness and I thought they went really well together. So, thumbs up for this pregame combo.

Torcedor Coffee Guatemalan paired with Nat Sherman Host
  - Recommended by Moose from New Wilmington Pa

  Technically, I would not recommend pairing the Nat Sherman Host with the Guatemalan... It's a good, mild cigar on it's own but I thought it was a little too mild to hold up it's end of the bargain when paired up with the Guatemalan coffee.

Torcedor Coffee Remedio Cubano paired with Padilla 1968 Lancero
  - Recommended by Pete Gramp from Pottstown, PA

  While I prefer the 48 much more than the 1968, the Remedio Cubano coffee is a perfect match for this 1968 lancero! If you prefer a medium bitterness, ultra-full and expresso-like flavor profile, and medium finish/linger-in-the-mouth-aftertaste, the remedio cubano is for you. As for the cigar, I tend to go for medium-to-full body (chewiness), full-flavored sticks, and would reach for a corona before other sizes. The 1968 lancero is more on the medium side for me, but the coffee really opens the flavors up for a match made in heaven. While true opinions, I'm sure that sounds like a infomercial or something, so I might as well finish it off right - Thanks, Torcedor Coffee!

Torcedor Coffee Tanzanian Peaberry paired with Gurkha Legend Anniversario Perfecto
  - Recommended by Pete Gramp from Pottstown, PA

  So first I have to say that I hate Gurkha's prices; This is an awesome 6 to 8 dollar cigar, but your prices may vary. The Gurkha legend anniversary comes in one size (there's a ton of sizes in the regular legend series, but this is the anni perfecto) and booms out medium-bodied, medium to full flavored tastes and aromas that are centered in earthiness and curing leathers. The tanzanian peaberry adds the missing fruity notes (not in a 'fruit drink' way, but in a subtle way) that make this pairing complete. Very highly recommended, and while I don't do the cream and sugar thing, my friends claim it really opens up the flavors with that stuff in it. This is my personal favorite coffee from Torcedor, VERY highly recommended, but just leave some for me!

Torcedor Coffee Nicaraguan paired with Bolivar Coronas Extra
  - Recommended by DaByrdman33 from Stafford, VA

  The Bolivar CE has sweet tobacco, chocolate, & coffee notes with a little bit of spice in the final 3rd. The Nicaraguan was perfect in accenting the sweetness of the tobacco and the cigar really brought out the fruity character of the coffee. All in all a great pairing that I look forward to enjoying for many mornings to come.

Torcedor Coffee Kenyan AA paired with Rocky Patel Edge Missile Maduro
  - Recommended by Kyle from New Wilmington, PA

  The boldness of the coffee blended right into the spicy, yet smooth cigar.

Torcedor Coffee Nicaraguan paired with Oliva Connecticut Reserve torpedo
  - Recommended by Doug Thompson from Spokane, WA

  The Oliva Connie has long been a favorite morning cigar for me. It has a sweet, creamy smoke that goes well with coffee. Filled with Nicaraguan tobacco, this stick enjoyed with the Torcedor Nicaraguan is a match made in heaven. Each brings out the best of the other. Sweet cream, nuts, chocolate and a rich dark earthiness work together with an amazingly long and enjoyable finish.

Torcedor Coffee Guatemalan paired with Cain F Nub
  - Recommended by Kevin from New Bethlehem, PA

  Even though they are both strong individually, the pair were well matched as neither the coffee nor the cigar were overpowered by each other, merely bringing out the best in both.

Torcedor Coffee Cabinet Blend paired with 5 Vegas Torpedo
  - Recommended by Brian Kedrick from West Middlesx

  I really enjoy the Cabinet Blend, nicely balanced for me. The 5 Vegas has always been one of my go to smokes, it too, nicely balanced for me. Sparked one up with a mug of Cabinet Blend and it was a nice marriage of flavors. This is the original 5 Vegas blend, medium to me, just like the Cabinet Blend.

Torcedor Coffee Ugandan Peaberry paired with Maduro Hemmingway Masterpiece
  - Recommended by Vince O. from Freedom,Pa

  A nice match of dark tobacco & a fine coffee, I measured out 2.5 ounces of coffee & made 10- 6 ounce cups in my drip style Cuisinart, 2 cups less than its max . I also made this coffee in my presspot , with 1 ounce of coffee, water at 195F ,let it brew 4 minutes & pressed out 12 ounces of coffee nectar..... both cups went very well with the big bully of a cigar a Masterpiece from Fuente & with the maduro wrapper it lasted about 3 hours, I started out with the cup from the press pot & finished with the drip, as the first cup didnt last more than 25 minutes from the time I lit the cigar , a snifter of 16 year old Laugavulin single malt scotch added to the pleasure of the great cigar & fine coffee , Thanks Rob it was wonderful... Enjoy, Vince

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