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About Torcedor Coffees
  When I was a kid, my dad always drank coffee, but never made it at home. Sure, we had some ancient percolator thing, but I never remember it being used. Instead, Dad would stop by the local diner once or twice a day to have a cup of coffee with his friends or while he was on duty as a local cop. It could be 100 degrees in the shade and Dad would have a hot cup of black coffee. I thought he was nuts, and even though I didn’t like it when he offered me a sip of his coffee, it sure did smell good.

  Skip ahead a number of years and I discovered the wonders of coffee during finals week in college. Coffee was my late night study partner…loaded with cream and sugar, of course.

  Soon, however, the cream and sugar in my coffee became less and less until I officially became my dad. Coffee, black…anytime.

  The best part of my coffee transformation was discovering that there was more to coffee than the basic grinds found on grocery store shelves. There is a world of coffees out there each offering something new, different and exciting. Much like a fine handmade cigar, the possibilities are nearly endless. From blends and single origins, different roasts and grinds, various brewing methods and so on, there is a coffee experience for every mood, meal, occasion and palate.

  Enter Torcedor Coffee.

  We are a small company and we offer, for now, a small variety of some of my favorite coffees. Each of them is roasted to where I think brings out the best of their individual characteristics…usually a little darker than what you find at the local supermarket. Our mixed origin coffees have been personally blended by me to create some unique, enjoyable brews.

  The best part of Torcedor Coffee, other than our super delicious coffees, is that we roast to order. Twice a month, we roast your coffee and immediately ship it to you. That means your coffee is fresh, aromatic and delicious…not old and stale like what you find at the local supermarket or coffee chain.

  Thank you very much for enjoying Torcedor Coffee! As we grow, look for more delicious coffee here…roasted to order and fresh to you.

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